Mock services reimagined.

Mock services reimagined.

Collaboration based mock services with persistent data storage, dynamic mocks, API testing and intelligent proxying to quickly bring user flows to lif

Why Mockswitch ?

Mockswitch came into existence from the very notion as a developer being able to create, share, mock services between teams and there was no one place a developer could go to that in an easy way. In today's world complex world of frontend and backend developers we wanted to make one of the most overlooked aspects of development process to forefront.

Mock services as we know today

Todays mock services world is complex and arduous, we have to spin off some kind of web server, right manual JSONs, keep duplicating and updating them for each request. The amount of work simulating all these is time taking and an overload.


We need to collaborate

Often times we have seen teams building mock services in silos and they tend to use them and throw it away after sometime. Thats ok for some cases but we tend to forget some other team might need to use some of our APIs in future and there might be a need to expose a draft version of our APIs for unblocking them to while we continue to do work on our real services.

Mockswitch enables teams to collaborate more with mock services and create a web of small instances of mock / real service instances across the space.

Proxy / Mixed mode

Mockswitch allows selective proxy mode to go through actual services depending on certain cases or allow all requests to be served by actual service. This mixed mode if very helpful in progressively serving actual service data when it's ready. Usually a dev will start with full mock mode and then keep switching to proxy mode as and when services are ready.


This mixed mode allow easy transition from serving static content to dynamic content all without changing endpoints in the frontend app.